Laboratory activities

Italian “Student Week” – “All in Europe with TALKSCAPES”

On occasion of this even, Italian Students and Teachers worked to realise the Erasmus+ corner, prepare posters and educational materials useful to the Mobility in Bulgaria and in Poland, implement the dedicated section on the eTwinning platform, populate the TALKSCAPES web platform. Furthermore, Students and Teachers have identified and told the daily life landscapes.


En plein air painting laboratory

This Laboratory was organized by the Italian School and was aimed at representing the most significant landscape visible by Students from their own School, through watercolour painting or on canvas.

TALKSCAPES and our en plein air painting laboratory di Maria Laura Scaduto

CLIL laboratory of 3D modelling

During this laboratory activity, participants 3D digitally modelled the TALSCAPES Project logo and produced gadgets through a 3D printer. The gadgets were distributed to all participants on occasion of the Final Event of the Project.

Copia di POSTER_STAMPA_3D di Maria Laura Scaduto

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