Final Event

Final Event of the TALKSCAPES Project represented the fundamental milestone for the entire Project Team and Community to illustrate the educational work undertaken during the 36 months of collaborative activities, by explaining it both to all participants involved and representatives of public local government bodies and institutions of each partner Schools’ territory.

The Final Event has been articulated in some multimedia presentations illustrated by the Students and the Teachers of each partner School, focusing on the entire educational path and outcomes undertaken through the TALKSCAPES Project.

All participants attending at the Final Event enjoyed a pleasant and stimulating happening:
– the Students involved in the preparation and the explanation of the multimedia presentations, could improve their soft skills and expressiveness, and knowledge of different daily-life styles and socio-territorial contexts;
– the Teachers exploited the Final Event to foster relationships with other Colleagues and with Experts attending at the meeting both personally and through the web streaming and social media.

Poster of the Final Event

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